Seventh-Gay Adventists


Faith, identity, and sexuality collide in this raw and moving documentary about the challenges and spiritual journeys of three Seventh-day Adventists who love God and their church and are also gay.

Caught in the collision of two worlds, three gay and lesbian Seventh-day Adventists wrestle with how to reconcile their faith, identity, and sexuality. One young man spent five years in "ex-gay" therapy trying to become straight, but now he's falling in love with another man and wondering if that can be okay. Another was an Adventist pastor in Brazil who was fired for being gay. Can he find his calling again? And a lesbian mom from the midwest wants her daughters to grow up with her faith and beliefs, even though she knows her church might not accept their family. 

Growing up Adventist means knowing you belong. And being Adventist is about much more than a set of beliefs--it's a close-knit community not easily left. Discovering you are gay in this community often means loss and exile from all that has been home. This feature-length documentary follows their raw and moving journeys as they wrestle with deep questions and struggle to find a place where they can integrate identity, love, and belief.




The trailer for Seventh-Gay Adventists produced and directed by Daneen Akers and Stephen Eyer.



This film is, hands down, the best bridge-building film in this genre that I’ve seen.
— Andrew Marin, author of "Love Is An Orientation"
The movie, which simply tells stories rather than taking an advocacy stance, is powerful. It can, I believe, do much to make Adventists more compassionate...
— Dr. William Johnsson, retired editor of "The Adventist Review"
A beautiful and compelling film...Anyone who has felt their faith and sexuality are in conflict will instantly get this film.
— Sharon Groves, religion and faith program, Human Rights Campaign