"The power behind this film is that these are real people who will create a deep and meaningful conversation about the role that LGBT people have within every conservative religious community. I expect that this film will have a ripple effect far beyond the Seventh-day Adventist community."  
- Ross Murray, GLAAD

"Seventh-Gay Adventists isn't just a helpful movie, important for the way it can help congregations of any denomination deal graciously and truthfully with the issue of homosexuality. It's also a beautifully-filmed and artfully-conceived movie. It does what the best art does - it 'humanizes the other.' You should see it, and when you do, you'll encourage others to see it as well." - Brian D. McLaren, author/speaker/blogger (brianmclaren.net)

"If you are processing how a 'follower of Jesus' should respond to someone whom society has labelled as LGBT, you owe it to yourself to add this documentary to the list of resources you are considering. I was unexpectedly blown away... I cannot recommend this film highly enough." - Herb Montgomery, author of Finding the Father

"The film is superb--a poignant and profound experience beyond any I've seen on the subject." - Chris Blake, author and professor of English, Union College

"Whatever one's position regarding homosexuals and the church may be, this film is worth seeing because it candidly probes issues with real human faces and stories." - Dr. Roy Gane, author and Seventh-day Adventist seminary professor

"This is a really beautiful, gentle, compelling film that I found very hopeful." - Daniel Karslake, director of FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO

“This film is a ministering film. Having watched it four times now, at four locations, I am deeply impressed each time by how, rather than creating contention, it creates an atmosphere of concern and a spirit of community…In small and large ways, this film, and the sacred listening spaces that have accompanied its viewing, bear tangible witness to the God of the Outcast.” - Jared Wright, pastor, Azure Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church

"No matter one's views going into the film, one comes out better understanding the human responsibility, let alone the church's responsibility, in dealing with its LGBT children and members. I defy anyone to see this film dry-eyed. It will change you. You'll leave with Christ's words ringing in your ears, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'"  - Dr. Lawrence T. Geraty, president emeritus, La Sierra University

"I have seen almost every film and documentary in this genre and SGA is definitely up there with best alongside For the Bible Tells Me So and Prayers for Bobby. Don't be misled, whilst the participants in this documentary are Adventists, it is intensely relevant to everyone, gay or straight, from Christian backgrounds or not..." - Anthony Venn-Brown, founder Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International, Voted twice 25 most influential gay & lesbian Australians