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"When a Redneck Loved a Queer" - The story of a powerful screening in Collegedale, TN

"The Making of Seventh-Gay Adventists"

"How I Became an Adventist Ally"

Students for Equality (the story of the unofficial GSA at Walla Walla University and how a community screening of Seventh-Gay Adventists was a major turning point)

Paradigm Shifts and Miracles

"The Missing Story in Seventh-Gay Adventists" and Response - The official Adventist church's publication found much to compliment in the SGA film but objected to the approved church narrative not being featured. Here is our response in Spectrum, "An Open Letter to Andy Nash"

"An Open Letter to Conservatives" 


Dayton City Paper - Coming Out Adventist

The Advocate - 10 Pro-LGBT Christian Women You Should Know

The Voice - Avondale's Student Newspaper Reflection/Review

Queer Voices - Review of 'Seventh-Gay Adventists'

The Age - The conflict for gays who believe (Melbourne)

Fuller Theological Society - Seventh-Gay Adventists: A Movie No Evangelical Should Miss

Walla Walla University Collegian - Review - Seventh-Gay Adventists

EDGE: Fort Lauderdale - Review - Seventh-Gay Adventists

Spectrum Magazine - Review - Seventh-Gay Adventists - Reflections on the film

Bay Area Reporter Review - "This is cinema verite in its purest form...We hear their stories as they speak for themselves."

Patheos - "No matter what your perspective is on the LGBT issue, this film is worth a watch. Not because it’ll convince you to change your mind, necessarily, but because it is a film that shows real Adventists, with real struggles, and real stories. It powerfully represents the position that so many faithful LGBT Christians find themselves in between feeling compelled to embrace their sexual orientation and their faith tradition at the same time."

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Steve Parker - Thinking Christian - Movie Review: Seventh-Gay Adventists

Rajmund Dabrowski - Pushing the Borders - Absent, aloof, or engaged? After watching "Seventh-Gay Adventists"

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In Production

Box Turtle Bulletin, an LGBT news and analysis site

Spectrum Magazine article

JournalStar, Lincoln, Nebraska - Filmmaker's Hear Lincoln Man's Struggle to Match Church, Sexuality

Interview with IndieGoGo about our crowd-funding efforts while making the film
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David Carlson and Colin Evans spend a quiet moment on the pier.

Sherri and Jill Babcock with their daughters Grace and Faith open an anniversary card the girls made for them.

Marcos Apolonio and Òbed Vazquez say a prayer to welcome in the Sabbath.

Sherri Babcock gives her daughter Grace a wheelbarrow ride in their back yard.

The filmmakers with their daughter Lily.