Additional Resources

Thanks so much for engaging in this intersection of faith and sexuality. We're developing an ongoing list of resources to help people who have seen this documentary film, Seventh-Gay Adventists, and want to read and engage more with resources. Our goal has always been to spark a thoughtful and authentic conversation through the lens of real people and real stories about a topic that has been far too often just an abstract debate. We recongize that this is an ongoing conversation in faith communities today in which sincere and committed people disagree, and yet we've seen at our screenings the transformative power of coming together in a safe listening space. The people in our film inspire us that we actually an love each other through challening conversations. Here are some resources we've found helpful. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions you think should be added.

Online Articles

Ask a Gay Christian

(an Interview with Justin Lee)
Another fantastic resource that's a bit of an abbreviated version of Justin Lee's personal story as well as a vision for how Christians can and should interact even if they don't have theological unity around this topic.


An Open Letter to Conservatives

by Daneen Akers
One of the filmmakers of "Seventh-Gay Adventists: A Film About Faith on the Margins" discusses how and why she wishes those who hold a traditional theological view on same-sex relationships could step into unconditional love, even if we continue to have competing theological paradigms in the church.

The Great Debate

Justin Lee photo

Justin Lee, founder of the Gay Christian Network, explains how he moved from being "Side B" (a traditionalist believing that celibacy was the only option for LGBT people who take the Bible seriously) to "Side A" (the revisionist view that believes that the few verses--or the "clobber texts"--in the Bible don't refer to orientation as we understand it today and committed, monogamous unions can be blessed). He's very respectful of traditionalists, as that's how he grew up himself, and the GCN fosters support, worship spaces, and resources for both Side A and Side B gay Christians.

Someone To Talk To

The first open ally in the SDA church over 20 years ago when her son came out as gay and a beloved grandmotherly figure in the LGBT Adventist community, Carrol Grady has a whole series of articles just for Adventists discussing science, gay rights, same-sex marriage, what the Bible says and more. A very good resource specially written for LGBT Adventists and their families. (And she really will be someone to talk to--email her and you will get a response quickly!)

Adventist Today

The Sabbath and Same-Sex Marriage

by Kendra Perry
A ground-breaking article about why Adventists of all people should remember that it's unwise to enshrine religious definitions of marriage into state and federal laws. It's a great argument in support of same-sex marriage even if one is theologically a traditionalist on this topic.

We Are Seveth-Day Adventists

A dozen short video profiles of LGBT Adventists to share even more voices.

It Gets Better (for Adventists Too)

Dedicated to the memory of a gay Adventist died from suicide during the making of this film, this project is meant to give hope to LGBT Adventists, particularly LGBT youth that it gets better, even in the church. There's a 10-minute and 20-minute version available.

Biblical Perspectives on Homosexuality

by Walter Wink
One of the most widely cited online pieces about how a serious reading of the Bible can still support committed same-sex relationships.

Support and Community

Seventh-day Adventist Kinship

Kinship has been supporting and advocating for LGBTI Adventists and those who love them for over 35 years and has regional chapters all over the world and many private Facebook groups for talking to people who understand exactly what it's like to be both Adventist and LGBT.

Intercollegiate Adventist GSA Coalition

(IAGC) The IAGC is just a few years old, but it's growing quickly. It's the umbrella group for GSAs on Adventist colleges and universities, and they work to promote dialogue, awareness, and support for LGBT students on Adventist campuses. There's a public group and a closed group for additional support.

Gay Christian Network

GCN (Justin Lee, GCN founder is linked above as well) is a support organization for LGBT Christians who are both Side A (believe same-sex unions can be blessed by God) and Side B (believe celibacy is the only option). Their annual conference is a space for worship, networking, and connecting with other LGBT Christians and allies/advocates.

Everyone is Gay

An advice column and more for everything LGBT-related.

Welcoming and Affirming Churches

A database of welcoming and affirming churches. For Adventist churches, additional recommendations are available for Kinship members.

Believe Out Loud

An online community celebrating diversity and affirming historic Christian principles while advocating for full inclusion of LGBT people in faith communities.

Renewed Heart Ministries

A non-profit ministry dedicated to teaching about following Jesus (not just being a Christian) and following the often difficult path of actively enemy love, non-violent non-cooperation, and radical love. Herb Montgomery, an Adventist speaker and author, is the director, and he also helps start Heart Groups, which are modeled on the small/home churches of early Christianity. (Herb's endorsement of the SGA film is the he was "unexpectedly blown away" and "can't recommend it highly enough" for those seeking to follow Jesus.